The Case for Home Schooling

The Case for Home Schooling

Free Range Home Education Handbook

Anna Dusseau


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This book presents a clear, deep and accessible overview of the philosophical, developmental and educational foundations of Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf education—as a dynamic, adaptable, creative process for which a profound sense of the uniqueness of each child is foundational. It demystifies Steiner as a philosopher of "freehood" and discusses the threefold human being in psychology. Child development: topics covered include the 12 senses and sensory motor development, language, and inner life. Education principles covered include imitation, purposeful activity and free play; nature; music and the arts; rhythm, structure, trust and security; observing and understanding children; self-development and reflection; comparison with other preschool approaches.


Anna Dusseau:
Anna Dusseau is a former secondary school teacher, turned writer and homeschool mum. She tweets as @NotTheSchoolRun and blogs at . Her gritty, wisdom-filled approach shows how home schooling can work brilliantly for families in post-Lockdown times. She witnessed how mainstream schooling limited, and even damaged, her children’s well-being, curiosity and learning. The success of Anna’s popular Homeschool Guru Blog has led to giving public talks, writing articles in leading journals like the Times Educational Supplement and giving interviews on Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour'.