When Life Gives Us Wind

When Life Gives Us Wind

Florenza Lee


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Xiomara is very proud of her mom; she is in the military.Mars (as her mom calls her) loves eating new foods, meeting new friends, and learning new languages.

Mostly, Xiomara loves moving with her mom to new places. So, when her mother announces she has received orders, Mars is elated. She dances her happy dance as she tries to guess where they will move."Mars, you cannot go with me," her mom announces. Mars is so confused! Why can't she go? Where will Mars live? She will soon discover the answers to her questions, but more importantly, she will learn so much more?

This book highlights the joys of being in a multi-generational military families


Florenza Lee:
Author, Florenza Lee , has published eleven interactive engaging Children’s books on the subjects of Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, SOL, homelessness, military life style, anti-bullying and faith.

She is a Veteran’s advocate, Children’s Mindfulness Coach, Certified Life Coach, publisher, Master Storyteller, and online radio talk show host. Visit Florenza on the web at www.florenza.org, Facebook: Florenza_Denise_Lee, Instagram: Florenza_denise_lee, LinkedIn: @Florenza_Lee, and Twitter: @Florenza_lee.