The Frost King

The Frost King

A Dragora Tale

Maryan George


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A hero and a heroine, a witch and a sorcerer; everything is straightforward, or is it? Fairy tale, adventure story, fantasy and saga, old and new, it all intertwines in this epic tale where nothing is exactly as it seems and where the ending has enough answers to leave you satisfied and enough questions to leave you wondering.
A mountain that fills the horizon, a dream that becomes a nightmare, a woman in search of her forgotten past and a king looking for his future; these separate but related parts are all brought together when a stranger appears in their midst, asking for help. As the story unfolds, the landscape and its inhabitants come to life with the tale moving slowly towards its inevitable climax.
Monstrous creatures, deeds of valour (and dare-devilry), action, drama, humour and romance, this is a story where you can enjoy all of them. So, delve into A Dragora Tale and relish your time in the company of The Frost King!


Maryan George:
Maryan George is a teacher, conductor, instructor, arranger, composer, home poet, translator, hobby painter and now author, in addition to musician on trumpet, vocal and viola (strictly hobby!). She loves life, nature and diversity and is constantly cooking up new stories. Maryan wrote her first story—for the desk drawer—at the age of eight. Living in a land of sagas, ghost stories, ancient gods, fairy-tales and fantasy, it is no wonder she has ended up the way she has, living in a picture postcard with her family and four adorable cats.