Laurie Brady


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Seymour, a somewhat ‘different’ 22-year-old, is infatuated with Louise, and believing they are destined for one another, sets out to ‘win’ her love.
His attempt to put her on a pedestal for others to admire, fails, so persuaded that girls like boys to be tough, he is encouraged to show Louise his masculine side! When the results are not what he’d anticipated, he tries to seek favour with her parents, thinking Louise will be impressed with him if they are. At a dinner engagement with the family, he leaves their home a disaster area.
As one calamity follows another, he tries to change his image, thinking this might prove seductive for Louise. It doesn’t.
Believing commitment might be the solution, he has several unsuccessful attempts to propose. He misinterprets Louise’s final indifferent response as a positive sign, but is too hasty in stealing a ‘sealing’ kiss.
The story concludes with a letter to his parents outlining the results of his final attempt.


Laurie Brady:
Based in Sydney, Laurie Brady is a retired university professor of education who spent his professional life in teacher education. He has written many education books for teachers, university and school students, as well as adult literature (poetry, short stories, and a novel). Much of his writing reveals a keen sense of humour and a liking for the ridiculous as long as they provide a greater understanding of the nature of people.