Scags at 45

Scags at 45

Deborah Emin


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It is time to celebrate the final part of the revolutionary Scags Series, which spans a woman's life from age 7 to 45, organized around the seasons of a year.

By the time we get to Scags at 45, Scags is finding her voice by writing a memoir about her life from the time of the sudden catastrophe that sends her on a 3-year wandering journey into the heartland of the country and her return to NYC, then back to Skokie to care for her Mama and Aunt Money and then finally into the farmland of upper New York State. While on this wild ride that covers the years from 1992-2011, we finally find Scags at peace and at work, in love and in community. Her new life also includes the writing of the political thrillers that have been informed by her studying and her experiences.

Born Loser, Born Lucky is the first of the works Scags produces and is introduced in the pages of Scags at 45.

The Scags Series
Volume One: Scags at 7
Volume Two: Scags at 18
Volume 3: Scags at 30
Volume 4: Scags at 45


Deborah Emin:
Deborah Emin is the author of the Scags Series, a 4-part exploration of the many ways over a woman’s lifetime that she awakens to who she is and how she is meant to live her life. Told in four different first-person voices, Scags grows from childhood to young adult to adult and then to a not-yet-finished person but one who knows that the quest to understand and find meaningful activity never ends.

Reviewers have praised the Scags series as "clever,""lyrical" and "moving" with the "uncanny ability to capture the voice of a seven year old girl".

Deborah has had poems and short stories published in a number of literary journals and was a reporter for Gay City News, OpEd News and has had numerous stories published on, Huffingon Post, Mondoweiss, Thrive and other papers and online zines where her brand of political and literary synthesis has been welcomed.

Keep up with Deborah on Facebook @deborahemin, Twitter @deminlit, or visit her blog at, and follow her annual road trip: she would love to meet up with you at a bookstore.