Behind the Veil

Behind the Veil

Kristin Osborne


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Did you ever wonder whose voice it is that guides you? And why you always see divine number sequences like 11:11, 2:22, etc. and experience prolific dreams? Does your guardian angel leave you feathers, coins, and scents? Have you always had a deep fascination with the power, glory, and magic of God, Archangel Michael and his angels? Did you ever wonder if your home found you or did your spirit guides take you to it? And what is the language of light spoken by angels and what it is like to live with a teen psychic who talks to God, ghosts, and spirits?


Behind the Veil is based on a true story of a house haunting, filled with demons, horror, suspense and a fairytale love story. It recounts how my family’s life changed forever after my son was taken up “the staircase to Heaven” during his battle with cancer and was granted a miracle by God.


Kristin Osborne:

Kristin Osborne is a real estate foreclosure prevention specialist, horse lover, and single mother of her daughter, Ashley Noel Osborne and her son Ryan Tyler Osborne, who is an autistic cancer survivor and psychic medium and whose deep love of nature and historical homes brought her from her native home in Los Angeles, California to Virginia in 2010. She now resides in Gloucester, Virginia with her daughter and son and her two Belgian draft horses, Zeus and Coconut and thoroughbred Zachary and is currently writing her second non-fiction book, a sequel to Behind the Veil.