A Study of Joseph for Persevering Through Life's Challenges

Jodie Niznik


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"Jodie's insightful and practical application of Scripture keeps her studies at the top of my list."--Kat Armstrong, author of The In-Between Place

Joseph's life looked charmed from the beginning. He was the favorite son of the favorite wife of Jacob, a wealthy patriarch. And Joseph was given a prophetic dream from God about his family's future. There was no reason to expect anything going wrong--and isn't it simple to have faith when all is well? But one gift too many, and his ten jealous older brothers had had enough. They sold him into slavery--and kicked off years of Joseph's world spinning out of control. Yet, in both dire circumstances and honored positions, he chose to trust God. In the end, God used Joseph to save the very family who betrayed him, and ultimately preserve the lineage of Jesus. Joseph's life's purpose was bigger than he ever anticipated. In times of uncertainty, questioning where God is and what he's up to feels reasonable. But through this 8-week study of one remarkable man, Jodie Niznik reveals that God is always in control and worthy of our trust, no matter what. She delves into Scripture for new ideas on how readers can intentionally engage with God, offering a tool kit of spiritual practices and valuable observations of the triumphs and failures of this real man and his real faith.


Jodie Niznik:
Jodie Niznik has served in pastoral ministry for over twelve years in the Dallas, Texas, area. Her calling and passion is to equip people to take the next step in their journey with Jesus. She is the author of Choose: A Study of Moses for a Life That Matters and Crossroads: A Study of Esther and Jonah for Boldly Responding to Your Call.