If Dinosaurs Had Hair

If Dinosaurs Had Hair

Dan Marvin


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This laugh-out-loud picture book by Dan Marvin, with tongue-in-cheek art by Lesley Vamos, is an irreverent exploration of what it might've looked like if dinosaurs had lusciously stylized 'dos.

What if dinosaurs had . . . hair?

Curled, crimped, feathered, and permed, this book imagines the wealth of colors, styles, and hair textures the Jurassic Period might have had to offer. As well as their epic hair warfare.

But as with any great battle, one hairstyle must have risen above the rest—one that literally blew these dinosaurs away . . .

Author Dan Marvin has crafted a hilariously escalating story that begs to be reread, and illustrator Lesley Vamos brings eye-catching dynamic color and personality to this picture book. If Dinosaurs Had Hair brings the dinosaurs back to life in full color.


Dan Marvin:
Dan Marvin grew up in the Big Bangs period of the 1980s. These days, he can be found in Michigan, once known for its woolly mammoths. He shares a hairbrush with his wife, son and daughter. But not with their two dogs, even though they’re woollier than mammoths.