Bach for Solo Marimba

Bach for Solo Marimba

25 Violin Sonatas and Partitas

Tammy Chen


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Although many of the greatest composers from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods did not write for marimba, their works are still available and are perfectly suited for this instrument. Many of these works were written for violin and contain bowings and fingerings that assist in the stylistic interpretation for violin but do not apply to marimba. To that end, Tammy Chen has arranged a collection of outstanding pieces that work perfectly for marimba. To aid the performer in developing a musical interpretation of these master works, she added stylistic markings including phrasing, articulations and musical directives.


Tammy Chen:
Anthony J. Cirone, a prolific composer, has over 100 published titles, including textbooks, a music dictionary, a comprehensive text on symphony orchestras, symphonies for percussion, sonatas, a string quartet, and works for orchestra and concert band. Tammy Chen is a teacher, musician, and radio show host in the Bay Area, California. As a percussionist, she was a member of the Taipei Symphony, Taipei Percussion Group, Taipei Symphonic Band, and Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra before moving to the United States. She is now the chair of directors of the Northern California Chinese Music Teacher Association, board member of the United States International Music Competition, and director of UchannelTV Chamber Music Group.