Drop In!

Drop In!

A Snowboarding Life

Billy Morgan


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Snowboarding maverick Billy Morgan has dedicated his life to redefining what is possible. With two world firsts to his name, he is also the first British male to win an Olympic medal on snow. Emerging from working-class origins in Southampton, Morgan came late to the traditionally bourgeois world of snowsports. Driven by a latent love for fun, he reaches far beyond the cliches of stoner kids and street slang to explore the courage required at his sport's highest levels. Morgan's specialist event, Big Air, involves flying off a 50-meter ramp at 70 miles per hour, spinning and twisting while airborne, then landing. Even within the death-defying world of adventure sports, it is one of the most dangerous disciplines imaginable. In this groundbreaking autobiography, Morgan outlines the culture, ethos, and philosophy of his sport. A sport in which one wrong move can cause life-changing injury. A sport whose party-animal practitioners feel peculiarly attuned with nature. Stomped! is a testament to human potential.


Billy Morgan:
Billy Morgan collaborated with Mark Turley to write his life story. Mark is the author of six books including Journeymen: The Other Side of the Boxing Business and Redemption: From Iron Bars to Ironman, both of which were nominated for William Hill Sports Book of the Year.