Kangis Kanga – The Flying Kangaroo

Kangis Kanga – The Flying Kangaroo

George Pornaris


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Kangis Kanga is a one of a kind kangaroo. He has magic feet and soon realises that every time he jumps he can go as high as he wants and is able to travel anywhere, even into space, way beyond the moon and stars. He lives in a big zoo in a place called Perth, in Australia, and is known to all the animals because they are fascinated to hear what he’s been up to upon his return from faraway places. He is friendly, funny and always takes his little companion, a field mouse named Mel, with him on his exciting adventures. The two friends learn some amazing facts about our universe whenever he takes that giant leap. Join him on his latest expedition and discover some unusual facts about our solar system.


George Pornaris:
George Pornaris was born in London in 1967 and has lived there his whole life, bar a short time in Cyprus, his parent’s homeland. He owns a children’s toy company that develops and distributes new educational games. During the pandemic he also set up ‘Soup a Day' making and delivering fresh hot soup to the homeless.  He previously volunteered at the Prince’s Trust and is also an ardent mental health advocate. His passion for people, dogs and nature, coupled with his personal experiences and wonderful imagination, inspired him to become an author.