Spectroscopic Techniques for Dentistry Applications

Spectroscopic Techniques for Dentistry Applications

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Spectroscopic techniques have potential applications in many different fields. This book presents a general overview of different spectroscopic techniques and explores how they might be used for dentistry applications. With a general introduction to different techniques, the book discusses a wide range of spectroscopy techniques, with individual chapters focusing on specific techniques important to dentistry applications. Such techniques include Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Raman Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) spectroscopy. The book also covers molecular spectroscopic techniques such as UV-Visible Spectroscopy, Near-infrared Spectroscopy and Mid-infrared Spectroscopy. This book is suitable for Professionals and researchers in academia and Industry, as well as advanced students involved with EPR Spectroscopy and dentistry.

Key Features:

  • The book highlights different spectroscopic techniques for dentistry applications.
  • Each chapter includes a brief review followed by recent trends.
  • Individual chapter content will be designed to address the needs of technicians in addition to researchers.