Dragon Seeker Dragon Keeper

Dragon Seeker Dragon Keeper

E. V. Knightly


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“Let yourself run free as you look for dragons with me. All you need is a splash of Imagination, A dash of wonder, and a love for adventure!” Dragon Keeper Dragon Seeker is a verse novel about dragons and where they are. Having worked with kids, Knightly was asked a variety of questions. She was always asked if something was real and if she believed it. To which it was always yes. Then why couldn’t they find or see it? Dragon Seeker Dragon keeper was written with hopes of sparking wonder, imagination in children, and building up their creativity. While also giving them a fun rhyming reason to their questions.


E. V. Knightly:
E. V. Knightly’s dream has always been to be an author. Since elementary school she was always writing and drawing, building whole universes in hopes to one day share them with the world.