The Haunting of Jessica Raven

The Haunting of Jessica Raven

Gwyneth Jones, Ann Halam


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Jessica Raven's brother is going to die.

She dreams of finding a cure for Adam's illness, but that isn't going to happen.

While on holiday in France, she encounters a strange band of children, mysterious and ragged, who seem to urgently want HER help. Who are they? And who is Jean-Luc, their leader?

As she learns more, Jessica realises that the game they're playing isn't a game, that Jean-Luc is a prisoner, and the children aren't children but nightmares, guarding a priceless treasure. Adam is the only one who could help them, but Adam is dying.

And his cure is trapped in the ghosts of a horrifying past . . .

Award-winning author Gwyneth Jones, writing as Ann Halam, delivers another terrifying story for teens that raises the dead and spans time, from the modern day back to WWII. You can find more information on the writing Gwyneth did as Ann Halam on her website:


Gwyneth Jones:
Gwyneth Jones lives in Brighton with her husband and son. She won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for BOLD AS LOVE; CASTLES MADE OF SAND was shortlisted for the British Science Fiction Award. She is the previous winner of the James Tiptree Memorial Award and two World Fantasy Awards; four of her previous books have been shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award.She has also won the Pilgrim Award, for lifetime achievement in SF scholarship; the BSFA Short Fiction Award, for 'La Cenerentola'; and, as Ann Halam, the Children of the Night Award from the Dracula Society, for The Fear Man.|||

Ann Halam is the penname of Gwyneth Jones, who also writes science fiction and fantasy for adults. She was born and raised in Manchester, and after graduating from Sussex University spent some years travelling throughout South East Asia. She now lives in Brighton with her husband and son, but spends as much time as she can heading off on adventurous travels.

You can find out more about the fiction Gwyneth Jones wrote as Ann Halam here: