Noor and Bobby

Noor and Bobby

Praline Gay-Para


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  • A PROLIFIC FRENCH STORYTELLER IN HER ENGLISH-LANGUAGE DEBUT: A scholar of folktales from around the globe, a seasoned theater-maker, and the author of dozens of French children’s books, this is French-Lebanese author Praline Gay-Para’s first book available to English-language readers.

  • DELICATE PAPER COLLAGE ILLUSTRATIONS OF A WAR-TORN CITY: Lauranne Quentic’s unique illustration style contrasts the desolation and destruction of the city with the beautiful and lively haven of Noor and his animal friends.

  • A TENDER INTRODUCTION TO A DIFFICULT SUBJECT:  In its depiction of life in wartime, Noor and Bobby introduces readers to a difficult subject from an empathetic, approachable, and child-centered point of view.

  • A TIMELY STORY ABOUT FINDING HOPE AMIDST CRISIS: As Noor scours his neighborhood in search of Bobby, he discovers other animals in need of help and ultimately looks with wonder at the animal world around him, taking care to help each creature he encounters. Readers of all ages will take inspiration in Noor’s quest to find joy and connection in a difficult time.

  •  AN UNEXPECTED TALE OF FRIENDSHIP AND RESILIENCE: The beauty of Noor and Bobby’s friendship, brimming with resilience, love, and hope, despite their traumatic circumstances will bring hope to readers.


Praline Gay-Para:
Praline Gay-Para is a French-Lebanese storyteller, author, and actress. She’s written numerous books for children and adults often based on her reflections about traditional folktales and life stories from Lebanon. In addition to her work as a writer and translator, Praline also collaborates with the theater company Pavé Volubile to produce plays and live performances. She currently lives in Paris.