Living with Murder for Thirty Years

Living with Murder for Thirty Years

Gwen Beaudean Thoma EdD


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In 1977, I was twenty-nine years old. In 2007, thirty years had passed since I became involved in the five murders in my hometown of Cape Girardeau. These five murders affected me profoundly and changed the way I lived my life enormously. I reason that this was because I knew three of the five women and their families, and I had lived with their unsolved cases for half of my adult life. I also thought I knew who committed these horrific crimes. Murder affects more people than the victims. It affects their families and the community. It affects the police who work on these cases, which may go unsolved for years. For those of us who are thrown into the midst of these cases, we become more and more frightened with each clue that unfolds. For some, like me, minds can work overtime. This book is a dramatic account of my experiences over the thirty-year period that these murders went unsolved and cold. I became more cautious and aware of my surroundings. I had heard much about serial killers. I hope that you find this book intriguing and hope it gives you some insight into how life can suddenly take a turn by hurling us into events we never planned for.