Stick the Learning

Stick the Learning

Brain-Based Teaching Techniques to Increase Retention, Application, and Transfer (Powerful brain-based techniques to accelerate learning and ensure long-term student success)

Eric Saunders


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Combing through research for effective teaching strategies is a big ask for busy educators. This concise guide bridges brain-based learning theory with everyday instructional practice to maximize teacher effectiveness for visible student achievement. Learn three powerful, doable techniques proven to support long-term retention: spaced repetition, interleaving, and retrieval (SIR). Explore engaging activities designed to improve student retention, application, and transfer by easily integrating SIR into your classroom.

This user-friendly guide to sticky learning will help K–12 teachers
  • Understand the SIR techniques that support a brain-compatible classroom
  • Use activities to better implement SIR in the classroom
  • Understand the importance of utilizing repetition and interleaving alongside retrieval
  • Increase student achievement
  • Reflect on their own growth and success in implementing SIR techniques

Chapter 1: An Overview of the SIR Techniques
Chapter 2: Spaced Repetition
Chapter 3: Interleaving
Chapter 4: Retrieval
Chapter 5: The SIR Quick Start Guide
Appendix: Frequently Asked Questions
References and Resources